28-29 Sep 2015 Madrid (Spain)

Welcome to the EU/MEeting 2015

EU/MEeting 2015: free of charge workshop on Metaheuristic Applications

Metaheuristics (MHs) are among the most prominent and successful techniques to solve a large amount of complex and computationally hard combinatorial and numerical optimization problems arising in human activities, such as economics, industry, or engineering. MHs can be seen as general algorithmic frameworks that require a relatively small number of modifications to be adapted to tackle a specific problem. They constitute a highly diverse family of optimization algorithms including methods such as simulated annealing, tabu search, genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization or variable neighbourhood search. 

The main objective of this workshop is to take a step ahead on the solution of some complex real-world applications by means of metaheuristics. In particular, we expect papers related to ground-breaking challenging optimization problems that are now considered to be beyond the current state of the art. The domain of these problems can be (but not restricted to) bioinformatics, renewable energies, big data, or supply chain, among others. 

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), Madrid

Organised by


EU/ME - the metaheuristics community

(sponsored by EURO, the European Association of OR Societies)

Important news

- The conference programme is under preparation

Organizing committee

Abraham Duarte (chair), Department of Computer Sciences, URJC

Jesús Sánchez-Oro (chair), Department of Computer Sciences, URJC

Eduardo G. Pardo, Department of Computer Sciences, URJC

Borja Menéndez, Department of Computer Sciences, URJC

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